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Drain Camera Inspections

At The Blocked Drain Guys, we offer effective drain camera inspection services in The Shire, Sydney, using specialized drain inspection cameras like CCTV. CCTV is a powerful tool that allows us to navigate and closely observe the pipes under your property in the least invasive way possible.
This means we don’t have to excavate, which saves both money and time. Our drain camera inspection service can be performed on many different pipes and drainage systems, including stormwater, sewers, and commercial drains. 

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Why Use CCTV Drain Cameras?

A Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera is a diagnostic device that we use to obtain accurate, real-time visual data from a piping or drainage system. 

With a drain inspection camera, we can perform a proper, thorough inspection of your system without digging or excavation. 

Our Drain Camera Inspections include the following:

  • CCTV cameras with self-levelling heads.
  • CCTV footage of underground pipes with on-screen distance counters for precise measurements.
  • Radiofrequency information is relayed to our operator from the remote camera head for precise positioning.
  • Record the location and depth of underground infrastructure, tree root intrusion, broken pipes, debris and grease buildup.

When Is It Necessary To Use A Drain Camera?

  • To locate blockages: If your drains and pipes are blocked, we will likely need to send down a drain camera. Many foreign objects, can get stuck in pipes and drains occasionally and cause severe blockages that can lead to problems.
  • Misalignment: Over time, the ground can shift, causing misalignment of the pipe network. This can cause leaks that need to be repaired.
  • Tree roots: 95% of pipe blockages are caused by tree roots searching for water and proteins.

Once we discover the problem, we’ll promptly provide you with a recommendation on how to proceed. After we have cleaned and repaired your drain and pipe network, we will perform a re-inspection via the drain inspection camera to ensure that all problems have been corrected. 

By investing in proper drainage solutions, you can avoid these problems and protect your home and family.

Call us today if you have a drainage problem – our team of drain experts is ready to inspect your system and schedule a visit.

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What Can A Drain Inspection Camera Detect?

All drain inspection cameras can be accurately located and are capable of recording:

  • The condition of underground infrastructure.
  • The location of blockages.
  • The location of junctions and bends, etc.

DVD recordings of drain inspection cameras in Sydney are valuable in planning rehabilitation work. Clients can identify problems and confirm their exact location and depth, as well as the length and type of pipes and other materials that may need to be removed or used in the rehabilitation.

Our reports and DVD recordings help clients save time and money by removing the guesswork from the process. Our staff is highly trained to identify all drain and pipe defects, so you can be assured of comprehensive advice once the drain camera inspection is complete. 

Call The Blocked Drain Guys to get eyes you never thought possible.

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