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Clear Blocked Toilets & Sinks From $79

When To Call an Emergency Plumber

The emergency work we do through out the Sutherland Shire is typically blocked drains, blocked toilets, blocked sinks and burst and broken pipes.
Our Blocked drain prices start at $79 and we are very transparent with our fees.
We can usually be onsite for a plumbing emergency within the hour of you calling.
If you do have a blockage, have you tried clearing it first?

If you have a plunger handy, these can quickly clear a small blockage in a toilet or sink.
Blocked drains happen and they need to be dealt with quickly and they are what we consider emergency work

Burst Pipes Emergency Plumbing

If you have a burst pipe or burst flexi hose, the first thing you must do is turn off the water before your house is flooded and you have a major clean up operation.
If it is a burst flexi hose in your kitchen, under the sink, there maybe small taps or valves.
Can you turn them and stop the water?
If you cannot see this fitted under the sink, you will need to turn off the water at the mains

How to turn off the mains water

Locate the water meter
Your water meter is usually located at the front of your property near the fence line, and often close to a garden tap. It will be sitting close to the ground, and could be partly hidden by plants or foliage. 

Find the on/off valve
Depending on the age of your property, the water meter usually has a tap, knob or lever on the top of the unit for turning the water supply on and off. 

Turn the water supply off
Move the tap or lever to your right (clockwise). If the tap doesn’t move, try turning it in the opposite direction (left) to loosen the seal, then try to turn it clockwise again.

Knowing how to turn of your mains water supply is vital to avoid costly water damage to your home when a tap breaks or a pipe bursts.
Share these simple steps with your family so everyone can take action in a plumbing emergency.

Emergency Plumbing Services

The Blocked Drain Guys offer a comprehensive range of services to help you resolve any blocked drain issues. Some of the services we offer include:

  • CCTV Drain Inspection : We use state-of-the-art CCTV technology to inspect your pipes and identify the cause of the blockage.
  • Hydro Jetting:We use high-pressure water jets to clear blockages and clean your pipes, freeing them from debris and buildup.
  • Pipe Location: We use the latest technology find where your pipes are so they can be cleared or repaired without digging up your floor.
  • Excavation: In some cases, excavation may be necessary to repair damaged pipes or remove blockages.

Leading Causes of Blocked Drains

blocked drains

Foreign Objects

Children often flush all sorts of “stuff” into toilets and some objects cause massive blockages.

Tree Roots

Tree roots naturally go towards a water source and cracked or porous pipes provide water for trees!

Build Up of Grease

Fats and oils are the main cause of kitchen sink blockages. Never put fat or oil down a drain.

Toilet Wipes

Even if they say Flushable – They should not be flushed. They cause massive blockages for homes and for Sydney water


Hair in the shower and bathroom sink when combines with bodycare and shampoo becomes a big tangled smelly mass in the drain.

Sanitary Items

Tampons, pads, liners and even nappies must never be flushed. They need to be wrapped and binned.

Damaged Pipes

Things can move including your homes foundations and soil. This can move pipes out of alignment and reduce the flow.

Food Waste

Food scraps in the kitchen sink are washed down and get trapped in the built up fats and oils, it creates a solid clog.

Why You Can Trust Us

Experienced Team

We have over 30 years of expertise in blocked drain services, so there’s nothing we can’t solve.

Flexible Scheduling

We can book your job at a time that suits you. Always nearby and always open!

Upfront Pricing

We let you know the price before the work begins. No hidden prices or last-minute extra charges!

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Fully Equipped

We have the full range of equipment and expertise to solve your problem.

We Stand Behind Our Workmanship

We’ll get to the bottom of the cause of your blocked drains.

Local Family Business

We have been a small, family-owned business in the Shire area of Sydney for over 30 years.

We are The Blocked Drains Guys – Available for all Emergency Plumbing

Don’t hesitate to call us. We’ve got your back!
With our qualified and licensed plumbers and drain-unclogging technology, we can handle all plumbing emergencies.

With over 30 years of experience you can count on us

  • Long years of service experience
  • Licensed team of plumbers
  • Skilled and trained professionals
  • An efficient and dedicated team
  • Properly equipped and adequately supplied

So, contact us and get your blocked drains unblocked today!