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Do you face stormwater drainage issues and flooding?

Storm water is what runs off your roofing or hard surfaces on your property and it enters the storm water system and goes into the surrounding creeks and waterways.
If you have a swimming pool – this is also where your back flow water empties into.
Storm water must be able to drain off your roof and land to prevent damage to your homes foundations and causing damage to your neighbours properties.
Storm water is a BIG DEAL and it is your responsibility to manage stormwater.
At The Blocked Drain Guys, we offer comprehensive storm water drainage services. We do everything from drain unblocking to drain cleaning to replacing broken drains. We have the best equipment for unblocking blocked drains and understand the urgency and frustration that a blocked stormwater drains brings, and we respond accordingly. We can repair damaged drains or improve your pipes for better stormwater drainage.

The drainage specialists at The Blocked Drain Guys will handle all your residential and commercial stormwater drainage requirements in The Shire, Sydney.

Types of Stormwater Drainage Systems

Our Stormwater Drainage Solutions

Stormwater drainage is an important issue for many homes and businesses in Sydney. If there are not one or more stormwater drainage systems, the water will collect, flood, and cause many problems that no one likes to deal with.

Fortunately, there are numerous approaches to dealing with stormwater drainage, some of which are more efficient than others.

Effective stormwater drainage management on your property can reduce dependence on public water supplies and ensure that your drainage systems efficiently discharge rainwater into surrounding stormwater systems.
We can help you with stormwater blockages, stormwater pits and trench drain installation.

Need help with your stormwater drainage systems? Book our drainage expert today.

Whether you need to redesign your property, renovate, or fix a stormwater drainage problem around your home, our plumbers can provide practical and efficient solutions. There are a number of strategies and systems that can be used to address backyard drainage around your property such as installing stormwater pits.

Other methods for an efficient stormwater drainage system include minimising large paved areas or using permeable pavers and smart landscaping and plant selection.

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Leading Causes of Blocked Storm Water Drains

blocked drains

Leaf Debris

Allow excess leaf litter from your gutters or yard to accumulate and enter the drains.

Tree Roots

Tree roots naturally go towards a water source and cracked or porous pipes provide water for trees!

Damaged Pipes

Things can move including your homes foundations and soil. This can move pipes out of alignment and reduce the flow.

blocked drains

Incorrect Waste Disposal

Someone has tipped paint or slurry into your storm water after doing home improvements

Why You Can Trust Us

Experienced Team

We have over 30 years of expertise in blocked drain services, so there’s nothing we can’t solve.

Flexible Scheduling

We can book your job at a time that suits you. Always nearby and always open!

Upfront Pricing

We let you know the price before the work begins. No hidden prices or last-minute extra charges!

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Fully Equipped

We have the full range of equipment and expertise to solve your problem.

We Stand Behind Our Workmanship

We’ll get to the bottom of the cause of your blocked drains.

Local Family Business

We have been a small, family-owned business in the Shire area of Sydney for over 30 years.

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How we unblock blocked stormwater drainage?

We are trusted stormwater drainage experts in The Shire, Sydney. We apply our 3-step process to unblock blocked stormwater drainage:

  • Identifying the type of stormwater drainage in your home.
  • Find out what is causing the problem and whether it can be fixed in any way or not. Jet blasting will often clear built up debris and sediment.
  • If repair is not possible, we must replace the element in your home. 

Another important aspect of repairing stormwater drainage is the size of the pipe, meaning both the diameter and the length. Also, it is important to know if the pipe is straight or if there are any kinks or curves in the course of the pipe. Before proceeding, we make sure to understand how to access the pipe. Is there a single access point built into the system in your home?

It depends on this information whether or not a company like ours can help you solve your stormwater drainage problems. Please contact us to speak with one of our experts if you would like to discuss your situation in detail. 

Preventative measures to avoid stormwater drainage in your home

Below are some steps that we suggest you can take right away to prevent stormwater drainage and the problems they cause, such as flooded basements, impassable street crossings and failing septic systems.

  • Keep Rake leaves and sticks out of storm drains
  • Have clean your gutters by mid-season
  • Never Dispose of leaves and other debris in storm drains
  • Purchase a new cover for the drain, if needed

Need to unblock your blocked drains? Call us before the blocked drain gets worse! Say goodbye to Blocked Drains…

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