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Clear Blocked Toilets & Sinks From $79

Unblocking Drains

No one wants to have blocked drains or sewers. Have you ever woken up with blocked drains or sinks in your bathroom?
Have you tried to clear it with a plunger to no avail?
Blocked drains happen and they need to be dealt with quickly and should not be put off.
It is important to get your blocked or clogged drains quickly cleared and find out the reason why the blockage happened so it can be prevented from happening again.

Don’t let blocked drains ruin your day. Leave it to us!

Let the team at The Blocked Drain guys handle your drain cleaning with the latest tools and technology. We handle all blocked and clogged drains within the Sutherland shire and surrounding areas.

Our Blocked Drains Yarrawarrah Repair Services

Need to unblock your blocked drains?
Call us before the blocked drain gets worse! Say goodbye to Blocked Drains.

When we arrive at your home or workplace, we need to see the blocked drain, toilet or sink so we can determine what needs to be done.

Sometimes it can be cleared with the plungers we use.
Other times it will require either chemical or physical unblocking.
Once the blockage has been removed we will also asses why it happened and then help you to prevent it from happening again.
If there is damaged pipes or tree roots involved, the drain will continue blocking until this is rectified.

How We Unblock Sewerage Drains

The Blocked Drain Guys offer a comprehensive range of services to help you resolve any blocked drain issues. Some of the services we offer include:

  • CCTV Drain Inspection: We use state-of-the-art CCTV technology to inspect your pipes and identify the cause of the blockage.
  • Hydro Jetting: We use high-pressure water jets to clear blockages and clean your pipes, freeing them from debris and buildup.
  • Chemical Drain cleaning: We typically do this in bathrooms or kitchens when hair or food waste is involved!
  • Pipe Location: We use the latest technology find where your pipes are so they can be cleared or repaired without digging up your floor.
  • Excavation: In some cases, excavation may be necessary to repair damaged pipes or remove blockages.
blocked drains

Leading Causes of Blocked Drains Yarrawarrah

blocked drains

Foreign Objects

Children often flush all sorts of “stuff” into toilets and some objects cause massive blockages.

Tree Roots

Tree roots naturally go towards a water source and cracked or porous pipes provide water for trees!

Build Up of Grease

Fats and oils are the main cause of kitchen sink blockages. Never put fat or oil down a drain.

Toilet Wipes

Even if they say Flushable – They should not be flushed. They cause massive blockages for homes and for Sydney water


Hair in the shower and bathroom sink when combines with bodycare and shampoo becomes a big tangled smelly mass in the drain.

Sanitary Items

Tampons, pads, liners and even nappies must never be flushed. They need to be wrapped and binned.

Damaged Pipes

Things can move including your homes foundations and soil. This can move pipes out of alignment and reduce the flow.

Food Waste

Food scraps in the kitchen sink are washed down and get trapped in the built up fats and oils, it creates a solid clog.

Why You Can Trust Us

Experienced Team

We have over 30 years of expertise in blocked drain services, so there’s nothing we can’t solve.

Flexible Scheduling

We can book your job at a time that suits you. Always nearby and always open!

Upfront Pricing

We let you know the price before the work begins. No hidden prices or last-minute extra charges!

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Fully Equipped

We have the full range of equipment and expertise to solve your problem.

We Stand Behind Our Workmanship

We’ll get to the bottom of the cause of your blocked drains.

Local Family Business

We have been a small, family-owned business in the Shire area of Sydney for over 30 years.

We are the trusted Blocked Drains Yarrawarrah Guys – No blockage too tough, no clog too big for us!

Choosing the plumbing service provider to clear your blocked drains can have severe consequences if you make the wrong decision. It could put your safety, property, and more at risk. So, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ve got your back!

With our qualified and licensed plumbers and drain-unclogging technology, we can guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

With over 30 years of experience you can count on us

  • Long years of service experience
  • Licensed team of plumbers
  • Skilled and trained professionals
  • An efficient and dedicated team
  • Properly equipped and adequately supplied

So, contact us and get your blocked drains unblocked today!

Blocked Drains Sutherland Shire

We offer blocked drains services throughout
The Sutherland Shire. Find out more by calling us on 1800 744 737 today!

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About Yarrawarrah, NSW

Yarrawarrah is a suburb in southern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia 32 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the Sutherland Shire. The traditional inhabitants of Yarrawarrah are the Tharawal people, with Yarrawarrah being an Aboriginal word meaning mountain ash. Yarrawarrah is also the name of a ridge which was located in the vicinity between Heathcote and Waterfall. == History == A history of the Yarrawarra suburb is available at the Dictionary of Sydney Yarrawarra page, contributed by a Sutherland Shire Library local studies librarian, a summary of which follows. Prior to Yarrawarrah being recognised as a suburb by Geographical Names Board in 1971, the area was known as North Engadine. Charles McAlister, a pioneering developer of the Engadine area took up the first portions of crown land in 1887, likely offered for sale due to the opening of the Illawarra railway line to Waterfall earlier in 1886. The initial residents of the area in the 1920s consisted of the returning soldiers and their families after World War I and then later families moving from inner Sydney suburbs during the Depression. In the 1930s families were relocated to the area from existing unemployment camps in Cook Park at Botany Bay. Through 1939 Industrialisation increased in the area with a clay and shale pit at the end of what is now Old Bush Road, although of limited impact other than to increase the visibility of the need of improved access. In 1952 bush fires caused significant damage further highlighting the limited access, and helped establish a new progress association in 1959 in front of the general store located on Old Bush Road.

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Reviews for The Blocked Drain Guys Yarrawarrah, NSW

The Blocked Drain Guys Reviews

Ethan Lays

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Highly recommend the blocked drain guys they did a great job. They came with in an hour from when I called and fixed my blocked sewer in 30 mins

The Blocked Drain Guys Reviews

Will Simmonds

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Just got the blocked drain guys out to my house for a blocked sewer highly recommend them they did an amazing job and they came within an hour

The Blocked Drain Guys Reviews

Tashi Tenzing

starstarstarstarstar (5)

Highly recommend The blocked drain guys, they were very fast, friendly and they did a great job!

The Blocked Drain Guys Reviews

Craig Lays

starstarstarstarstar (5)

On time, great friendly plumbers. Got drain cleared fast and cleaned up all the mess

The Blocked Drain Guys Reviews

Emma Jane Alcock

starstarstarstarstar (5)

They arrived on time, efficient, cleared the blocked drain. They were polite and cleaned up after the job. I would definitely use them again.